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Aunt Agatha is sometimes asked for personal recommendations.

This page contains some recommendations about places which have provided some good service(s) to me or my friends ... and some places to avoid! The views are personal and no entry is requested or paid for. Unless indicated to the contrary Aunt Agatha has no connection with any of the places mentioned.


I use SEAVIEW MEATS for specialist meat products in Milford (North Shore Auckland) - as does the Web4U webmaster, and am pleased to provide a personal recommendation. The proprietor is David Crisp who knows what he is talking about. They have a wide range of standard meat cuts as well as specialised products such as crocodile meat (not tried!), emu, kangaroo, beefalo, spatchcock etc. Prices are perhaps a little more than the supermarket, but you can talk about the meat, the cuts and get recommendations for cooking etc. My webmaster says that the only meat product for which he does not use Seaview is pork. He recommends Havoc Farms, a mail order pork butcher (though Aunt Agatha has not used them)


We have been lucky and have not really found a bad restaurant (though they are out there!). We use the Entertainment Book and support our local kindergarten fundraising (not all the restaurants etc below take the card). As restaurants come and go and chefs move on, this list is refreshed every few months.

Eating places in and around Auckland used by AA or friends in recent months (updated Aug 2009) are:

Thai Corner Restaurant (Rothesay Bay), pleasant people, good food, not overpriced. Licensed and BYO.
Degree (Viaduct, Auckland City), pleasant staff, inexpensive lunch menu Mon-Thu
Waterfront Cafe (Viaduct - at the Maritime Museum), basic food but plenty of it at a reasonable price. Service can be somewhat slow.
Harbourside (Auckland City), not cheap but excellent menu. Can be windy on the balcony! Specialise in seafood.
Bungalow 8. Customs St West, Auckland City. Our webmaster went here for a drink after work with some visitors and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the delightful French lady running the bar.
SHAHI Restaurant, (Milford), good Indian cuisine. Pleasant staff and reasonable prices.
AROMA restaurant, (Castor Bay), good Indian cuisine. Pleasant staff (family run) and reasonable prices.
Refinery Cafe (Birkenhead), excellent (but slightly limited) menu at good prices
Wang Thai (Viaduct), excellent and reasonably priced. Rarely busy at lunchtime.
Mecca Restaurant (Viaduct), a lively and good restaurant (mid price range). Good service.
Sp'getti restaurant (Browns Bay), excellent personal service, reasonable prices, great food. Run by a lovely young couple though Jenny does not work in the restaurant often now as they have a young family. The other staff are very good but the service is not quite as personal. Andrew, the husband and chef is still evident in the kitchen. Closed Sun and Mon.
Thai Chilli (Lower Albert St, City). Very good Thai food at a reasonable price. well presented. Gets busy at lunchtime and speed of service can suffer.
Cafe Sofra (Browns Bay). It is small but the food was lovely, the coffee good and we got service with a big smile!
The Grove (Auckland City) a high class restaurant with prices in the higher range but the food was excellent and service very good (as one would expect)
Buon Venuti (Browns Bay) A small Italian restaurant run by a family. Sometimes the service can be a little slow(sometimes reflecting the juniority of the waitresses) but the food is excellent and very reasonably priced. Recommended.
Monsoon Poon. (Auckland City) An eclectic choice of asian food dishes. Mid range prices. Very popular so can be noisy. Staff friendly and personable.
Copthorne Hotel Harbourside (Auckland City). Some friends ate here with out of town visitors who were staying there. The meal and expereince was described as 'okay but not greatly inspiring'. The menu range was a little limited.
Bees online cafe (Waimauku). An excellent bistro meal was had here in pleasant surroundings. Prices around $17 for the main.
Carriages Cafe (Kumeu). A busy cafe serving a range of meals. AA's friends had a pleasant meal in the old railway carriage. Food was good, service prompt. Mains around $16.
Efes(Rothesay Bay). A reasonable but basic menu pleasant service. Ordinary surroundings. Excellent value takeaway pizzas
Cin Cin on Quay. Ferry Building Auckland. Some friends had an excellent lunch here but others felt the breakfast menu was expensive.


Dear Aunt Agatha,

We are new immigrants and have settled on the North Shore in Auckland. Can you recommend a good church there? The denomination is not important (we worshipped in an apostolic church at home).


Dear Joyce,

I don't worship on the Shore, but many of my friends do. I would hesitate to recommend any particular church as it very much depends upon your age, family situation, personal preferences etc. I suggest you 'browse' for a while and when you find the right church you will know it. There are a number of churches n the area. You might like to look at: Long Bay Baptist Church, which is close to Torbay, Windsor Park Baptist Church, Milford Baptist Church (the webmaster has provided these suggestions), and others we know of and have had some good reports about include: Takapuna Methodist, Salvation Army Browns Bay, City Impact Church (a very large pentecostal church at Northcross, Browns Bay)

I hope you find something that suits you




Dear Aunt Agatha,
I need to speak to a counsellor so I can sort my thoughts out. I live on the North Shore. Can you recommend a good counsellor?

Dear Jasmine,
Your GP should be able to provide some recommendations. You could also contact Jenny Jackson who is based in the East Coast Bays.
Best Wishes

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