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Skin Rash

I have a skin rash called Ceretosis Polaris (or thats how its pronounced anyway), i've had it for about two years now and am on treatment for it. I'm fifteen and for this two years i have never worn shorts, skirts or t-shirts to cover my legs and arms from view. This skin condition would probably get better if it wasn't for a habit that i developed when i got the skin rash; i can't stop picking at the horrid spots that are caused by the condition. I've tried really hard but whenever i see them, i just want to get the red pocks off my skin, even though i know it just makes them worse. The condition is made worse by stress, but i get so depressed after i have picked them that that makes them worse too (as well as the picking). Its ruined my life for too long now, i want to have a normal teenage life, not one where i avoid going swimming, wearing certain clothes ect. so i'm finally appealing for help in how to stop my habit. I know if i stop picking the treatment may have a chance of working, i can't tell my mum about my habit- she'd be really mad at me, so please, is there anything i can do?

Dear B,

Fight the habit! Easier to say than do, but fight it. Talk to your doctor about it. You have clearly talked about the rash, go a bit further and talk about the problem you are having. He/she may be able to prescribe something to reduce the irritation. You are clearly an intelligent young person who realises that the habit is slowing the healing of the rash and who realises that picking the spots now could lead to permanent damage and disfiguration. Also get your doctor to write down the name of the rash so that you can look it up if you want to (I could not find anything that looked like it in my search of the web). Keep your mind active and this may help distract you from the irritation. Are you sure you can't talk to your mum and let her know what a struggle you are having?  She may be able to help you and would be there in difficult times?

Be strong dear
Bless you

Aunt Agatha


Dear Aunt Agatha,

I have terrible acne and whatever I put on it nothing happens. I haven't been out with a girl for years because of it, could you tell me of any effective treatments, please!

Dear A

I might be misreading this, but it does not sound as if you are consulting a doctor about your condition. 

I have looked up acne on a couple of search engines (as I am sure you have) and there is a lot of information there with a number of suggestions. (Search on 'acne' at for example). I would guess that there is also a fair amount of misinformation so be a little careful. I haven't checked but there is almost certainly an acne support newsgroup.

Consult your medical practitioner and (if he/she has not already done so) request to be referred to a dermatologist.  Don't be afraid of transferring to another doctor should you feel that your doctor is not taking your situation seriously.

Hard to accept this, but one's condition is rarely quite as severe from the outside as it appears from within. 

With my love,

Aunt Agatha

Is this normal?

i know this may sound weird, but i think i have an abnormal vagina. I have a piece of skin which hangs out of my outer lips. its only on one side and i think its my inner vagina lips. but it looks strange having a pice of skin hanging out. is this normal? or is there any websites i can go on where i can find information and pictures of vaginas.

Dear R,

I shall assume that this is a serious question and not a 'wind up' since the advice and comment I shall give applies in a number of situations. I suggest that you consult your GP. This is not easy when the concern is so personal but your doctor is used to dealing with personal matters and will quickly be able to advise you and can, if necessary, refer you to a specialist or gynecologist. Do not be afraid of seeming 'silly' or naieve. Your doctor will treat your concern seriously and has probably met your concern before. Pictures are unlikely to help as I understand there are wide variations in the appearance of normal vaginas anyway. From some of the unwanted email I get I have no doubts that you will be able to find a lot of pictures of the subject you suggest on the web if you want. It should be fairly easy. (If this IS a wind-up I'm sure you will have found them already!)

With love

Aunt Agatha

Breast Lump

I'm 15 and I think I've found a lump in my left breast. I don't want to tell anyone because I don't know whether it is one or not. My breast size is about a 34B/C an when I pull my breast up from the top I can actually see something sticking out a bit. The 'lump' is near my nipple and it doesn't hurt. I'm worried. Does this sound like a problem? please reply to my address because I wont be doing anything about it until I hear from somebody I know knows stuff about this and I dont have to face! them.



Dear Charlotte,

Difficult though it may be, you must (must must must) go and see your local GP (physician) as only a doctor can tell you whether you need to be concerned.

Your doctor is a health professional and is used to dealing sensitively with such matters.

With all my love and prayers


Dear Charlotte,

I answered your email quickly as I was going out to babysit the young ones. As I was there it occurred to me that I had rather assumed that your doctor would be a woman and that something of your reticence might be if you had a male doctor. If this is the case, you should know that doctors are able to take a clinical view of things (they will have seen women's bodies before) but of course you can always ask to see a woman doctor if this would be easier. You would be young to have a malignant lump, but it is not impossible I guess. Therefore it is important that you promptly seek professional advice. Please summon up your courage and see a doctor.

Sorry if I labour the point my dear

With love,


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